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Gold lift surgery

What is gold lift surgery?

In gold lift surgery, the skin is not intentionally pulled on. Rather, it induces the skin to produce collagen, and it also improves blood circulation, thereby creating a bright skin tone. Thus, although the effects may not be immediately visible, one can expect natural and long-term effects lasting over five years.

​Characteristics of gold surgery

  • Approved by the KFDA

    • D&A gold lift surgery does not make use of 24k gold ordinarily found on accessories. Only medical-grade Korean gold that has undergone KFDA’s clinical trials is used.

  • ​Get rid of wrinkles & improve skin & lifting ALL AT ONCE

    • ​Like thermage lift and HIFU, it induces collagen synthesis inside the skin. However, D&A Gold lift surgery achieves collagen synthesis and improved blood flow through capillaries formation, thereby smoothing out wrinkles, improving the skin, and lifting all at once.

  • ​Natural collagen formation

    • Where the gold threadD&A 골드리프팅 시술은 삽입된 금사가 섬유 모 세포의 생성을 촉진시켜 피부를 개선시키는 시술로, 인위적으로 당겨주는 실 리프팅처럼 그 효과가 시술 직후 나타나진 않지만, 시술 후 3주 후부터 서서히 좋아져 자연스럽게 피부가 좋아지게 합니다,.​

  • Long-lasting effects (more than 5 years)

    • The effects last a long time even after one procedure.

  • Quick return to every day life​

    • D&A Gold lift is a non-incisional, non-suturing procedure, meaning no risk of scars or bleeding. It is done under local anaesthetic, so there is no long recovery afterwards.​

Comparison between gold lift and other solutions against wrinkles

Screenshot 2022-10-05 at 10.40.45.png

Areas where gold thread can be inserted

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 17.11.10.png


Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 17.11.21.png

Key information

  • Duration of operation: 1 hour

  • Anaesthetic: local

  • ​Suture removal: Not required

Comparison of before and after

금사 before after.png
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