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Blepharoptosis (droopy eyelids)

What is blepharoptosis?

When the upper eyelid covers a lot of the pupil, it causes one to appear tired and sleepy. Its main cause is blepharoptosis, a condition where the levator muscles (muscles responsible for raising the eyelids) are weakened. Therefore, even when the eyes are open the eyelid covers much of the pupil, and this can cause wrinkling on the forehead as the forehead and eyebrow muscles are used to force the eyes open.

(On the left: blepharoptosis, on the right: normal)

blepharoptosis diagram.jpg

Characteristics of blepharoptosis correction

If, due to blepharoptosis, you have such symptoms, and you get double eyelid surgery without properly correcting the functional abnormality, the double eyelids look much thicker and may even cause sleepier eyes, defeating the whole purpose of the double eyelid surgery.

Therefore, in the case of 'sleepy eyes', it is important to test for blepharoptosis first, and correct the functional abnormality of the levator muscle.

Information on surgery

  • Duration: approx. 1 hr

  • Anaesthesia: local

  • Swelling: Approx 2 weeks

  • Stitch removal: 3-4 days after surgery

Comparison before and after surgery

blepharoptosis before after (1).jpg
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