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Subocular fat removal and relocation

What is subocular fat removal and relocation?

When the fat pocket underneath the eye is enlarged and bulging, there appears a shadow on the face and gives and older or tired appearance, and even grumpy. This is called bags under the eyes. It has many causes, and sometimes it may be complex. Its causes include a shadow caused by the bulging of a fat pocket, darkening of the skin due to pigmentation, and reflections off the muscle or veins under the skin if the skin is very thin. Subocular fat removal and relocation is a method of removing the bags under the eyes.

Characteristics of subocular fat removal and relocation

Subocular fat removal and relocation is an opertation whereby the appropriate amounts of medial and middle compartments of fat are removed and relocated through the inferior eyelid and conjunctiva. From the outside neither the operational slit nor scars are visible.

This surgery is effective when the skind of the eyelid is not sagging or only slightly. If, however, the fat pockets are bulging and at the same time the skin is sagging after the age of 40s, lower blepharoplasty is recommended, where excess skin is excised at the same time as fat removal/relocation. (more on lower blepharoplasty)

Information on surgery

  • Duration: 20 mins

  • Anaesthesia: local

  • Swelling: lasts 2-3 days

  • Stitch removal: not required. There is no scar on the outside, so everyday life is possible immediately afterwards..

Comparison of before and after surgery

눈밑지방 before after (1).jpg
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