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Subbrow incision and lifting

What is subbrow incision and lifting?

As time goes by, the area around the eyes tends to age first, and the eyelids as well as eyebrows droop down. In such cases, upper blepharoplasty, subbrow incision and lifting, forehead facelift, etc. can be performed. Although upper blepharoplasty is most commonly performed, it may end up leaving an unnatural impression, and recovery takes a long time. 

In subbrow incision, an almond-shaped portion of the skin and the underlying muscle are cut away, and the eyebrows are lifted upwards and are attached to the periosteum.ay life is possible immediately afterwards..

Method of operation


As shown above, the eyebrow is lifted upwards and fixed to the periosteum. As the eyebrow is raised and the eyelids are also dragged upwards, the end-result is a natural appearance without any changes in the impression that one gives off.

Comparison with upper blepharoplasty

It takes months for the results of upper blepharoplasty to become natural. However, as for the subbrow incision and lifting method, it only takes a week. Furthermore, the double eyelids that one already has is maintained.

Subbrow incision and lifting is recommended for:

It is recommended for those who want to remove drooping eyelids, but are worried about potentially appearing unnatural. This is a valid concern particularly if the eyelid skin is thick and upper blepharoplasty is conducted.

Key information

  • Duration: approx. 1 hr

  • Anaesthetics: local anaesthetic

  • Recovery: 5-7 days

  • Suture removal: 5-7 days after surgery

Comparison of before and after surgery

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