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Reoperation of the eye

About reoperation of the eye

If the result of a previous operation turns out to be aesthetically or functioanlly unsatisfactory, a reoperation can be performed. However, this is a relatively challenging operation that requires more time and effort than the first time round.

For optimal results, it is recommended that the reoperation is performed at least six months after the initial operation.

When a reoperation of the eye is required

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1. When the double eyelids are formed asymmetrically


2. When the swelling does not subside, and becomes the so-called' sausage eyes'



3. When the double eyelid line turns out to be too thick and prominent



4. When multiple layers of double eyelid lines are formed

5. When the double eyelid becomes invisible due to ageing and drooping of the skin

Characteristics of reoperation of the eye

Unless the reoperation is formed due to changing beauty trends, the most common cause of reoperations would be due to errors in planning the initial operation or in the operation itself.

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Key information

  • Duration: 50 mins

  • Anaesthetics: local anaesthesia

  • Suture removal: 5 days after surgery

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