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Short chin (Chin implants)

What are chin implants?

Short chins occur when there is impaired development at the end of the chin, making it appear relatively short. Due to the relatively short chin, the lips may appear as if they are protruding.

Chin implants are inserted through a minimal incision inside the mouth, resulting in no visible scars.

Taking into account personal preferences, it is possible to create a balanced and natural-looking chin by modifying the shape, angle, length, etc. of the end of the chin.​

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Self-diagnosis of short chin

​Short chin is a phenomenon where the lips are protruding through the imaginary line connecting the tip of the nose and the chin.

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In addition to the above there may be following characteristics:

The chin is blunt, and the chin and the neck are not clearly distinguishable;

One does not have confidence in taking photos from the side of the face;

One is often told that he/she appears indecisive or sullen, and​

It appears like a double chin.

Types of implants


Silicone is an FDA-approved implant that has been used for a very long time. It is easy to shape, and is thus conventionally used to create natural and beautiful curves.


​Gore-Tex is a soft, elastic material that adheres to the surrounding tissues naturally after insertion. Its advantage is the natural shape it brings.

Key information

  • Duration of operation: 30 mins

  • Anaesthetics: MAC (monitored anaesthesia care)

  • Suture removal: 5 days after surgery

  • ​Return to daily life: 2 days after surgery

Comparison of before and after surgery

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