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D&A V-Line lifting​

What is V-Line lifting?

V-Line lifting is an operation whereby a ‘V-Line’is created by smoothing out wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity, without cutting any bones. It is actually difficult to check whether one needs facial bone contouring surgery. Most patients end up getting the facial bone contouring surgery at the plastic surgeon’s suggestion. However, in over 70% of the cases, a V-Line can be made without cutting on the bones. At D&A we use FDA-approved threads for the perfect V-Line.

Characteristics of V-Line lifting

It is recommended for those with:

  • a round face

  • drooping skin

  • uneven facial line

  • a double chin

  • drooping of the skin after oral maxillofacial surgery or facial bone contouring surgery

Advantages of D&A V-Line lifting

1. V-Line without cutting any bones

2. Safe and does not require general anaesthetic

3. Immediate effect

4. No pain or swelling; daily life possible right away

5. Semipermanent, lasts around 5 years

D&A ​V-Line lifting vs Ultra 'V' lifting vs conventional facelift

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