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Double eyelids surgery

Investing method​

What is "investing method"?

Investing method is a way of passing sutures through what will be the new double eyelid line. No incision is made, leaving no marks, and because there is not much swelling the recovery is quick and the result is natural-looking. The skin and the fascia are attached together and the knot is buried deep inside, thus it it does not come undone and leaves no marks.

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Characteristics of investing method

1. Natural and invisible even with the eyes shut

2. Able to make double eyelid lines very freely

3. Knot buried deep inside, safe and with minimal complications

4. Able to create lines that are suited to every individual

Incision method​

What is "incision method"?

​In the incision method, double eyelids are created whilst at the same time fat and muscles that thicken the eyelids are removed. Only the right amount of fat and muscles are left, making the eyelids slimmer. The probability of the double eyelids coming undone are close to none, and the line can be created freely.

Characteristics of incision method

This method is recommended to the following people:

​1. Those with thick eyelids due to fat;

2. Those with sagging eyelids, and

3. Those whose double eyelids have come undone after investing method or partial incision.

About the operation

  • It is recommended that you apply an ice pack for approximately 2-3 days after surgery.

  • You can wash your face and apply make-up 3-4 days after surgery.

  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke after surgery.

  • ​Do not visit saunas for a while after surgery.

  • Do not wear contact lenses for a while after surgery.

Comparison of before and after surgery

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