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Medial epicanthoplasty

What is medial epicanthoplasty?

The epicanthic fold at the medial part of the eye is a fold that extends from above the eyelid, which covers the medial part of the eye. This results in making the eyes appear far apart. Medial epicanthoplasty removes the epicanthic fold. The types of epicanthic folds are many (as shown below), and operation is done accordingly.


Characteristics of medial epicanthoplasty

1. The incision line is made in such a way as to leave minimal scars.

2. The gradient of the medial part of the eye is modified, resulting in gentle eyes.

3. The eyes become horizontally wider.

4. It is recommended for: 

  • those whose epicanthal folds extend down to lower eyelids.

  • those whose distance between the eyes is long.미간이 넓은 경우

  • those with aggressive-looking eyes due to the gradient.

  • ​those with short horizontal lengths of the eye.

(As for the diagram below, 1 shows an eye with an epicanthal fold, 2 shows a successful case of medial epicanthoplasty, and 3 a failed case.)

앞트임 기대효과.jpg

Key information

  • Duration: 30 mins

  • Anaesthetics: local anaesthetic

  • Swelling: approx. 1 week

  • ​Sutural removal: 5 days after surgery

Comparison of before and after surgery

앞트임 before after.jpg
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