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S-line canthoplasty

What is S-line canthoplasty?

The lateral 2/3 portion of the lower eyelid is lowered without incisions. This operation is done to increase the vertical length of the eye and make it more round overall.

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Characteristics of S-line canthoplasty

1. No incisions.

2. Results visible immediately after surgery.

3. Minimal swelling and pain; back to every day life immediately.

4. Recommended for:

  • those who want more round-shaped eyes.

  • those without enough space for lateral canthoplasty.

  • those whose eyes are horizontally too long.

  • those who have not seen desired effects with other methods.

Methods of operation

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에스라인 Before after.jpg

Key information

  • Duration: 30 mins

  • Anaesthetics: local anaesthetic

  • Swelling: minimal (return to every day life possible immediately afterwards)

  • ​Suture removal: not required

Comparison of before and after surgery

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